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[Fic] Fleeting Reflection - Hunter x Hunter 100

About [Fic] Fleeting Reflection

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Title: Fleeting Reflection
Character: Gin
Word count: 121
Note: Manga-based. Originally written for anime100. And my titles still suck.
Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter belongs to Togashi Yoshihiro, et al.

The woman was gone. All that was left of her was the faint trace of lipstick on the coffee cup. He could see her descending into the hotel lobby, then stepping out of the rotating doorway. Just another blurry female presence in his life.

He leaned against the sofa, remembering that one woman did matter to him, years ago. She left him when she realized being a Hunter meant much more to him than being with his wife and son.

But for her, the trace of lipstick would be no more than pinkish smear on ceramic, instead of a reminder that he, too, had once had the chance to lead a normal life - something he knew now was never possible.

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