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[Double(?) Drabble] #321

Crossposted; please don't hurt me.

Series: Hunter x Hunter
Disclaimer: Togashi would die if he knew what I was doing to Kurapika.
Word Count: 131 (I talk too much; this is very, very short by my standards, trust me.)
Notes: If anyone truly gets the total Lame of my title, you, uh, get a cookie, or something. This fic is gen, whee.

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Challenge #1

Since the consensus seems to be that challenges would be a good guideline, I'll post a weekly challenge. However, you're always welcome to write on what you want- the challenge is just there to spur you along, if you need it.

This week's challenge is from the Hunter x Hunter 20 Themes: revenge. I thought I'd start off with an easy one. :p
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(no subject)


I've been a bad mod, because December has been insanely busy for me- but I'm thrilled to see we have a drabble already!

I have a question for you all- would you rather have set challenges in the model of most other drabble communities on LiveJournal, or would you prefer to be able to write freely on whatever you want? Or perhaps have a challenge as a guideline, but not necessarily have to write on it?

And if you would like challenges, does anyone have any suggestions for good topics?